Company Name : WebHawks IT Ltd.
Type : Corporation
Industry : Information Technology


Founder & CEO

Services: Custom software, web and mobile application development, design, redesign, support, integration and maintenance. Software, web and mobile application testing & Information technology consulting technical documentation.

Years of incorporation Japan :
  • 2020
WebHawks IT Japan Address :
  • 5F-P5 Komine-Daiichi-Building 4-3-14 Hon-chou Kawaguchi-shi Saitama-ken 332-0012, Japan. PH: +81 (0) 48-871-6691
E-mail :

History & Vision

WebHawks IT began in 2011 as a small offshore development team focused primarily on local as well as foreign markets; particularly those in East Asia. In 2015, WebHawks IT introduced the concept of “TeamSourcing” and formally incorporated in Bangladesh, Japan & 2016 in USA. Today, WebHawks of ces in six countries service more than a dozen multinational clients.

Love & Faith

We love the work that we do and have faith in our partnerships. Teamwork and mutual success are what drive us.


We are on mission to transform Bangladesh from a “Nation of Laborers” to a Nation of Professionals: A country known for rst-rate, ahead-of-the-curve technical talent capable of deploying cutting edge solution that leverage modern, best-of-breed development practices.


2.5% of the world’s population lives in Bangladesh in approximately 55 thousand square kilometers. Surprisingly, the average age of the population is 25 – 27 years. Besides having an economic growth average of 6% every year; the economy is emerging very fast.

The youth needs to be aligned as a competitive advantage and we believe our business model has tremendous scope to scale our IT service in different sectors of IT development and maintenance for small and big enterprise.

Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries produces thousands of IT graduates each year. As a result, the local job market is very competitive; moreover, skilled professionals face challenges in terms of job environment, and opportunity to grow. In WebHawks IT, we focus on the career growth of our talents and on the creation of more opportunities for them to work in a global market.

Committing good quality services, WebHawks IT confirms its local presence to communicate with the clients in different countries time to time. In addition, we arrange a full time Country Manager to satisfy our client’s day to day communication.